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50 Partners To Help You Virtualize Business Critical Applications

January 4, 2013 Leave a comment

I just noticed an article on VMware’s Virtualize Business Critical Applications blog listing all the partners globally that have so far been accredited under the VMware Virtualize Business Critical Applications Program (VBCA) –

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The Good, The Great, and the Gotcha with Multi-NIC vMotion in vSphere 5

July 15, 2012 17 comments

One of the features many people may not be aware of that was released in vSphere 5 is Multiple-NIC vMotion. This is a feature that allows you to load balance a single or multiple vMotion transmissions over multiple physical NIC’s. This is of significant benefit when you’ve got VM’s and hosts with large amounts of memory, as vMotion migrations will complete significantly faster. So your Business Critical Applications with large amount of memory and CPU’s can now migrate without disruption even faster. Below I’ll briefly cover the good and great of this technology and also a gotcha that you need to be aware of.

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IT Solutions 2000 Ltd Achieves VMware VBCA Competency

February 21, 2012 Leave a comment

It is great to be able to announce that today my company, IT Solutions 2000 Ltd, was one of the first in the world to achieve the VMware Virtualizing Business Critical Applications (VBCA) competency, which has only recently become available. This recognition is evidence of the quality of the work that we have been doing for quite some time with many customers around the world, that have successfully virtialized some of their most critical business applications on VMware vSphere. To gain the competency there were strict training and customer reference requirements to meet. I am very fortunate that my company has a number of fantastic customers who are willing to be a reference for the work we do.

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