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IT Solutions 2000 Ltd Achieves VMware VBCA Competency

It is great to be able to announce that today my company, IT Solutions 2000 Ltd, was one of the first in the world to achieve the VMware Virtualizing Business Critical Applications (VBCA) competency, which has only recently become available. This recognition is evidence of the quality of the work that we have been doing for quite some time with many customers around the world, that have successfully virtialized some of their most critical business applications on VMware vSphere. To gain the competency there were strict training and customer reference requirements to meet. I am very fortunate that my company has a number of fantastic customers who are willing to be a reference for the work we do.

If your company is considering virtualizing your most business critical applications (Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP, Exchange, MS SQL, Sybase, Websphere, Weblogic etc) and you need proven expertise to help you through the journey please get in touch via the feedback form on the Author Page.

This post first appeared on the Long White Virtual Clouds blog at longwhiteclouds.com, by Michael Webster +. Copyright © 2012 – IT Solutions 2000 Ltd and Michael Webster +. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced for commercial purposes without written permission.

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